Weapon of Choice

We currently have three handhelds to serve up GBA cartridges in all their glory and outstanding gameplay. We will soon be adding a fourth addition when the Micro is released next month.

What is your preferred weapon of choice for playing GBA games? For what reasons? Will that change when the Micro comes?


  1. It’s a toss up between the DS and SP. I find the DS to have a better screen but I prefer the controls on the SP.

    If the micro plays well, I could see it replacing my SP.

  2. Does the Gameboy Player count?

  3. The SP.

  4. I play on my DS, I like the screen and I like being able to bring my DS everywhere and be able to play both GBA/DS games. I love my DS, it comes with me everywhere.

  5. The DS, It is just a great system you can play DS games and GBA making it more appealing to have then something that can only do one. now with a lower price tag it is even more appealing to people who earlier were afraid to buy one due to cost, it frees up enough money to buy a game along with teh system for the same price.

  6. The DS, I could never get my large man-hands around the SP.

    I think the wife secretly wants to steal my DS to take the place of her SP…

  7. I like the Micro, but untill the price is lowered, I’ll stick with my DS.

  8. I absolutely agree with josh.
    I’ll only get the GBM if I have a lot of money to spare…so NEVER probably..

  9. i’ll stick with my ds, i think. my special edition nes sp will make an appearance every now and then, as is its wont, but only when i have limited pocket space.

  10. Probably SP, DS is kinda bulky just for GBA games… but the Micro looks so cool… ;).

  11. SP.

    DS is too bulky and goofy, and the Micro is too damn small. Unless of course your a Gnome.

  12. The SP, because of the backlite. I had a GBA and I bought a GBA SP just because of that 🙂

  13. If the Gameboy Player doesn’t count, I’d have to say GBA + Afterburner. I would have said DS if you could chose what face buttons you wanted to use. I would rather use Y as the A button than A. Had they put the face buttons a little closer to the bottom screen, the DS would have been a perfect handheld.

  14. I always play on my DS, because it is my god as of the last few months. But for “Gameboy” I’d have to go with the SP, because if I feel like kickin’ it old school with a GBC or just GB games, I can, and I’ve got the backlighting and rechargeable battery of the DS. If I could play my GBC games on the micro, I’d go with that. But right now the DS is my gaming machine

  15. I got a chance to check out the Game Boy Micro at PAX this weekend and DAMN is it ever tiny! The screen is *goregous* but oh so small. I think I’ll probably stick to my DS and GBA SP due to the cost and small, small size of the Micro.

  16. But the GB Micro’s screen’s the same size as the old Gameboy screens (2 inch), nobody thought it was small 20 years ago…

    I may actually prefer the DS to play GBA games, the backlight is clearer than the SP’s, which gives off a whitish light.

  17. That was then – things have moved on since 20 years ago surely?!!?

    I’d rather use the £70.00 it costs for a micro here in the UK for some DS or GBA games (in that order).

  18. Well I guess the GB Color has the same screen size as a Micro, that was only a few years back. 1999-2001?

  19. Color’s debut was in 1998 – so, close enough :oP

    That’s still 7 years ago though.

  20. Yeah…I guess I’d rather just spend $100 on new DS games or GBA games, I really want “Riviera: the promised land” for the GBA, I really like the art.

  21. well… with the arrival of the DS all other systems seem old in terms of interaction and gaming experience, but if you are looking for a system to play only GBA games the DS is kinda bulky…

    I think the SP is just the right choice.

    The SP is nearly perfect with its clamshell design and size, only the non-standard audio jack makes me mad. I wish Nintendo will come up with a newer and cooler version with improved screen, battery life (wich are good but could be better) and with the f****** standard audio jack!

    p.s. Yeah… the micro is cool, and I wish the DS was as cool as the GBM (especially compared to the PSP)… a nice gift for a girlfriend 😉

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