Wavebird For Everything Else

(1) Chrome wavebird wireless controller. $30. (2) chrome wavebird wireless controllers. $60. Rounding out the quartet? Priceless.


  1. Now all you gotta do is find people to own at SSBM 😛

  2. Went to buy my son a used Wavebird last night and found one unopened priced as used ($24.99). Apparently, even if something new is traded in, it must be sold as used (at EB Games, anyway..). Now that we have 2 controllers, my son wants to beat me up in “Godzilla : Destroy All Monsters Meelee”..:-)

  3. thats my tv…haha.

  4. Um… huh?

    Slow news day?

  5. …I don’t get it.

  6. me too… i dun get it… i don’t like wavebird either.. it’s horrable for RE4

  7. Horrible for RE4? How do you mean?

  8. wavebirds always attracted me… but it’s really too expansive… so… I bought orange-controllers… nice too 🙂

    not wireless indeed.

  9. Because I know that you people who don’t get it can’t be saying that you don’t get the reference to those credit card commercials. Anyways, unless I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure he’s just saying: Price for one, Price for two, getting all four so as to have a nice even amount and fill the whole thing, pricelss, its all complete and happy.

  10. Yeah, but what’s with the stickers?

  11. The stickuhs ah f0 t311In9 wh1ch c0n+r011uz which.

  12. Even though you can just check the bottom of the controller and change it to whichever.

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