Watch Blake hawk his freelance wares

Hey everyone. In addition to Infendo, GamePro, and my occasional Next-Gen work, I’ve started freelancing for a new gaming community called Crispy Gamer. The site is still in beta (more like alpha given some broken links and functionality), but it’s still a worthy visit and its editorial is ambitious — the publisher promises to never accept sponsorships from game companies to completely avoid advertiser influence.

In addition to the occasional game review and feature, I have a column called, “On The Bright Side: Blake Snow examines gaming benevolence and creative development twice monthly.” The first edition is scheduled for publish this week, followed by a feature I wrote on the excessive use of subtitling in video games, an idea that was born on Infendo Radio. Stay tuned for that.

But “why are you wasting my time with this, Blake, and where are the Pokemons?” you ask. Well, Crispy is sponsoring a megaton sweepstakes (first prize takes home six systems including a Wii, 15 games, and a 52″ plasma), and in an effort to be nice to my new friends, I thought I would voluntarily share the link with older ones. Let me know what you think in the comments.

DISCLOSURE: I have a vested interest in Crispy’s financial success; the more traffic they get, the more freelance work they can offer me. The site is currently venture funded.