Warhammer Online dev: Nintendo only company capable of console MMO

225_animal_crossing_ds.jpgWarhammer Online creative director Paul Barnett seems to think that if an MMO is to be successfully launched in the console arena, Nintendo will be the only company that could do it justice.

“You would have to build something very console centric from the get-go,” Barnett told CVG [link broken, linked to Wired — Jack]. “I think probably the best chance of someone doing something like that is Nintendo — doing something crazy that no one expects.”

Animal Crossing Wii, anyone?

My two cents: the “crazy” part would be some kind of “easter egg hunt” functionality with a Nintendo DS. Live updates or live face-to-face interaction, kind of like that water gun game Assassin. The install base is there, anyway, and it grows every month by about 300-500k for both systems.