Virtual Console Monday – ActRaiser, Kid Chameleon, and J.J. & Jeff

ActRaiserThree new releases for the Virtual Console today:

ActRaiser – SNES – 800 Points
The user plays the role of the Master, a dethroned deity whose once-idyllic world has fallen under the control of the Evil One. Stripped of godly power, the Master must somehow put an end to the Evil One’s reign and rebuild his desolate realm.

Kid Chameleon – Genesis – 800 Points
The local arcade is packed with kids, all lining up to play the latest, most realistic video game they’ve ever seen. It’s called Wild Side, and it uses holographic images to immerse the player in a strange world. But there’s a problem… Kids are literally getting sucked into the game, and now several of them are trapped.

J.J. & Jeff – TG16 – 600 Points
This comical action game features two bungling detectives, J.J. and Jeff, as they travel through a total of six fields. One day, a request comes into their office to take a case that requires them to “rescue a wealthy man who’s been kidnapped.”

A little trivia: J.J. & Jeff is loosely based on a Japanese TV show that served as the inspiration for America’s Funniest Home Videos!

ActRaiser is a little tempting … Anyone buying any of these new releases?