Vibe audience can’t pronounce Wii, lists price anyway

I really don’t know how much credence one should give to a source that has to explain to its core audience how to pronouce “Wii,” but regardless I am posting this price related news from Vibe magazine even though I’ve never actually picked up, skimmed through or otherwise even glanced at a Vibe in my entire life. But when Vibe starts listing the Wii as “small, sexy-looking, and affordable” at $150, I may have to reevaluate that position. Do they know something everyone else does not? Doubtful. Does this give even a little bit of weight to the very low Wii price point making the rumor rounds? Maybe. Will I be reading Vibe anytime soon? Depends. Have you seen the Janet Jackson cover?

And for the record I will not be “flailing” anything when I get the Wii (read the Kotaku summary). I will be moving my appendages in a controlled manner befitting a stuffy pseudo-journalist.