Vegas Stakes – Retro But Still A Good Bet

Finding a Vegas Stakes review is fairly easy today, given the age of this game. The original version of this game was released in 1993. This is a game that has had a huge amount of staying power in light of the fact that it has been released again in multiple new formats. People have been playing this game for more than a generation by this point, and that really speaks to the popularity of casino-themed games in general and the quality of the Vegas Stakes in particular.

There is an option for a single player or a multi-player game with the Vegas Stakes. In some ways, this is a game that has some things in common with Monopoly, but Monopoly puts a person in the role of an investor and a business person who has a great deal of capital to spend and who tries to earn interest on other investments. Vegas Stakes  speaks more to the fantasies of people who really enjoy online casino gaming of all kinds.

Players start the game with a thousand dollars which is a solid starting point. Players have the stated goal of trying to get ten million dollars to win the game. Players have to avoid losing all of the money that they get at the start of the game, or they are going to lose the game altogether.

Part of the appeal of a game like this is that there really aren’t any additional twists to the premise, at least not majorly. People are going to be able to enjoy this game almost the way they would enjoy gambling at a physical casino or an online casino. Vegas Stakes is one that really allows people to live out a gambling fantasy. As such, it is that much more enjoyable and entertaining, since it is such a resonant game. Games like this helped the very broad and enduring popularity of modern websites like the

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