Vader sensor bar holder costs 1/4 as much as your Wii

As if we weren’t just talking about horrible Wii accessories, just went and unveiled an awkward, yet officially licensed sensor bar holder.  If the Wii-remote is the hilt of your lightsaber, I guess the Wii sensor bar would be the blade – this odd little licensed lightsaber IR light emitter holder will set you back $50, a full forth of the price of a Wii console.  Check out this amazing list of features:

  • Sculpture-quality Darth Vader character is cast in high-density resin
  • Vader’s specially crafted Lightsaber safely supports the Wii Sensor Bar while maintaining full range
  • Wii Sensor Bar not included
  • Official Star Wars item licensed by Nintendo and LucasFilm Ltd.

Wow, $50 and it doesn’t even buy you a spare sensor bar.  It’s no Trauma Center Kit, but the high price point makes it a more than eligible runner up. That money would better be spent on Force Unleashed or Lego Star Wars.. Unless you know, you’re really that big of a Star Wars fan, then you should probably check out the product page.

[Star Wars Shop Via Kotaku]