Using Virtual Console titles to promote Wii games

Super Paper Mario comes out for Wii this week and Nintendo has missed a tie-in marketing opportunity. Having the original Paper Mario or even Super Mario RPG available for Virtual Console download a week or two before Super Paper Mario was released would’ve drummed up more buzz for the new Wii game while cashing in on older titles.

There is ample opportunity to do this in the future. A month before Mario Galaxy comes out, Super Mario Bros. 3 should be released on the Virtual Console as an appetizer.

On the other hand, Nintendo could always offer Virtual Console downloads as a bonus for buying the newer games. It would be great to open a new copy of Metroid Prime 3 and find a coupon inside to download the original. An incentive like this could even be offered after games hit Player’s Choice status.

Which way would you like to see this happen, Infendo Nation?