US Hardware Sales for November

Listed below are the official NPD Hardware Sales for the month of November in the United States.

  • GBA: 892,438
  • PS2: 546,096
  • NDS: 381,619
  • PSP: 359,772
  • Xbox 360: 332,121*
  • NGC: 278,284
  • Xbox: 191,320

Take them for what they’re worth. *Partial figures due to late November launch.

[Source: DS-X2]


  1. Haha!! Even the 360 outsells the PSP. What a shiny piece of uselessness!

  2. Well check out the note. The 360 launched very late in November.

  3. Wait… strike that last comment…. I misread your post.

  4. Numbers recalled due to overinflation.

  5. That said, the PSP is not kilometres behind the DS with around a 20,000 gap. That said I’ve always been fasinated by the idea that this many people buy a console each month. Obviously I underestmiate just how popular they are even after a few months after launch.

  6. You coulda had 3 “that said”s in a row, but u blew it.

  7. wow gamecube owned xbox this month

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