UPDATE: Nintendo World Store pre-order inventory in the "thousands"

Via the comment section from Infendo reader and pre-order ninja in the field funkonaut:

“The clerk said that “there’s a rumor going around the Internet” that we’re only getting 100-300 units. He said that’s false; they’re getting several thousand.

As it stands now, if you preorder anytime soon you’re guaranteed one on launch day. If you miss out, you will probably have to wait until they get their second shipment, which will arrive the day after launch (awesome!).

They are also planning on opening at midnight to launch the console. You can wait in line if you don’t preorder, or pick up your preorder then. I personally don’t want to be on the subway with $400 worth of equipment past midnight, so I’ll be getting mine when they open on the 19th.

Also, they’ll have plenty of extra controllers and a near unlimited supply of launch titles, so they’re not bothering taking preorders for them.”

Sounds convincing, but has anyone else hit up the NWS too to corroborate the story?