Unopened Virtual Boy

One question: How much would this unopened Nintendo Virtual Boy sell for on Ebay? When the system was launch back in 1995, it retailed for $179. Used ones currently go for $50-80 including some games, but this has to be a whole new ball game.


  1. I think you mean “wrapped” or “unopened”.

  2. How is that different from “unwrapped”, Anon 1:16?

    Y’know, I have never even used one of these. Hmm… I should check out eBay, indeed. I’m sure you could fetch a good $200+ for it in this condition.

  3. It’s different because they mean entirely different things. Wrapped == wrapped in plastic, unwrapped != wrapped in plastic.

    That being said, I think I’m one of the few people who enjoyed this thing. I still have one. You can’t play it for really long periods of time, but the faux-3d nature (of the Mario game, especially) made it interesting, at the very least.

  4. This not-so-unwrapped VB looks nice. I had a great time the one time i played it. Teleroboxer was my fave.

  5. “How is that different from “unwrapped”, Anon 1:16?”

    Because “unwrapped” mean you unwrapped it. Clearly that VB is still in the wrapping. Meaning it’s wrapped. The polar opposite of unwrapped. So there’s a huge difference.

  6. Maybe it used to have Xmas wrapping paper on it. So indeed it would be unwrapped in that case. Hmmm? Usually when referring to an unopened item you say: “NEW SEALED IN BOX NEVER OPENED”. If you list it on ebay as unwrapped you wont make any money though. Unless you tell them about how it used to be under your Xmas tree.

  7. Bought my Virtual Boy for 20 dollars 3-4 years ago from the now defunct EBX mall store. Couldn’t tell ya were it is now but the thing was fun in small doses.

  8. My Virtual Boy and CD-i get more playtime than my Genesis [but not my Sega CD, that machine get’s much lovin’].

    I bought the VB when the price dropped to about $80, and it was worth every penny. I love that system. Cons aside, it’s an excellent gaming experience and an unopened system will get a good hunk of cash. Even tastier at that is that the system is a Japanese model! Wooo! I might bid on that thing!!

  9. That was probably the all-time silliest typo on Infendo. It was a late night…

    Thanks for catching that.

  10. D’oh! I’m sorry. I can’t believe I even typed that, now that I’m wide awake and have had caffeine.

  11. its okay… infendo still loves you

  12. Damn, u guys r jackals. Really gave it to Blake on this one.

    Now let me pretend like i didn’t poke fun at it and sneak outta here…

  13. We weren’t flaming Blake… we were giving it to the Zell guy who didn’t know the difference between “wrapped” and “unwrapped” 😛

  14. Wow a Virtual Boy still sealed up and in a rather fresh looking box, the red colour is sooooo BRIGHT! If I was rich I would pay a hansom price for one of those! There’s something about fresh mint stuff that haven’t been opened that make them so appealing! Shame you can’t open it! 🙁

    Since it’s in such good considition it ought to go to a games museum or something.

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