Twilight Princess release in November?

According to a screenshot on Flickr, Best Buy pre-orders for Zelda: Twilight Princess have been pushed back until November.

Thanks, Mr. Invisible.

[Source: Flickr]


  1. I really wished this wasnt true, that we didnt have to wait so long, but really its looking like we might 🙁

  2. If it comes out that late, it’ll be coming at near the same time as Revo is projected to enter the fray… not sure if it’s brilliant or dumb.

  3. I just wonder if they put it back to November so they can stop changing it until a final release date hits. I’m thinking they’ll announce a final date at GDC or, better still, tell us it’s gone gold.


    it prolly will actually come out in april or something…i hope…

  5. Anybody know when Best Buy’s original release date was?

    How reliable of a source is Best Buy going to be anyway? Don’t we usually find out through official announcements?

  6. That is ridiculous! The original release date at Best Buy was August 2005 (which my mom has the reserve coupon) and then March 2006! (I have a reserve coupon.)

    It’s a joke if we have to wait until November! Sure I have other games to play but still.

  7. Frankly, I have no problem waiting ’til Christmas if necessary… I still have to finish Wind Waker!

    But I know that’s just me…

    I usually try to erase from my mind all the game previews and tentative dates until the game’s official release date is announced by the manufacturer. I would advice all fans do the same!

    Plus, you don’t want a game to be rushed into stores. That usually yields mediocrity.

  8. I heard june 28 from eb games…..well the dude that works there said that, i dont know how reliable he can be though…..

  9. I’d be willing to bet they’re just covering their butts in case of a long delay. My guess is it’ll come May, just like Windwaker. Solid month for release, as it’s typically a very slow month for all gaming. The thing would see like hotcakes even moreso with little to no competition.

    All my GC-less friends are already planning on buying a GC just for it. Be prepared for the reckoning of Zelda… 😛

  10. I just saw elsewhere that Best Buy is listing Max Payne 3 for some time in 2007.

    Only believe Best Buy as far as you can throw one of their text-messaging, customer-ignoring employees.

  11. It’s probably been delayed to coincide with the Revolution’s launch!
    Like Reggie said, with Twilight Princess in your Revolution magical things will happen! mmmmm 3D Zelda.

    I can dream can’t I?! 😀

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