Turbo Games on Revolution

While the majority can appreciate the announcement that Sega Genesis games will be featured on Revolution’s virtual console, the same cannot be said about Turbo Grafx games. Game Daily writes: “Back in the late 80’s, a game console came on the scene that hit right out of left field. It wasn’t from Sega nor Nintendo, but rather from a collaboration between Hudson Soft and NEC. The machine was called the Turbo Grafx 16, and it was able to process a number of colorful, delightful game experiences in a 16-bit fashion while only using the processing power of an 8-bit machine.”

Follow the link for their Turbo/Revolution wishlist. For additional information on Turbo Grafx, click here.


  1. Isn’t this several day old news?

    Regardless, I’m much more looking forward to TG-16 support rather than Genesis. TG-16 housed one of the best pinball games on a console: Devil’s Crush, too, as well as games like Nectaris: Military Madness.

  2. Very few TG-16 games made it over here, I wonder if you will be able to download the Japaneese versions of these games on the rev?
    wolfpod at g mail

  3. I thought the slimline ps2 looked familiar.

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