Try Before you Pay and Play

mojip.jpgYesterday was the big WiiWare release day, but since I don’t have a Japanese credit card (yet) I didn’t have time to pick up points to snag any new games.

But that’s okay because I found this slick shockwave demo of Kotoba no Pazuru Moji Pittan that faithfully recreates the entire game-experience right there in your browser, and its free of course.

What does that tell you about Mojipittan? Well it’s certainly not a very technically complex game (it’s kind of like Scrabble), but maybe the simple fun is what’s needed for the initial WiiWare release? The demo certainly made me want to pick it up.

Since I can’t get every WiiWare release after work today I’d like to ask you, the readers, what games do you want to know more about? The majority vote will get purchased and reviewed at the end of the day!