Top Forgotten Casino & Card Video Games You Need to Try

Top Forgotten Casino & Card Video Games You Need to Try

The Nintendo Entertainment System, popularly known as NES, is easily one of the most popular video game consoles of all time. It was easy to afford and offered tons of compatible games for us to enjoy.

Now, although the majority of NES games fell into the action, fighting, and shooting genres, there were many games that were based on casinos and card games. In fact, it’s possible you have played a few of these yourself.  

To brush up your memory and bask in some nostalgia, the following are some of the most fun and entertaining casino games that are getting forgotten:

Hot Slots

Hot Slots is one of the few video slots game that was created for the NES. It was an unofficial release by Hacker International and launched in 1991. In the game, you had to choose a slot machine out of 3 viz. Las Vegas, Juicy Fruits, and Cutie Bunny. Each machine was distinct because if its graphics and music. You had to purchase token coins, and for each pull with a machine, you were allowed to play up to 5 of these coins. However, you were allowed to switch to another machine during a spin. If you are wondering why Hot Slots wasn’t available officially, it was mainly because of the explicit graphics used in the game. It wasn’t titled “Hot Slots” for no reason.

Interesting trivia- there was a system in the game as per which if you could win a net profit of $450, you get to see a full-nude hostess!

Casino Kid

Casino Kid is a casino video game that was released on the NES in 1989. However, the Japanese version was titled $1,000,000 Kid: Maboroshi no Teiou Hen.

The game is based in Las Vegas, or a fictional town called Lost Wages (depending on which version you are playing), and the goal is to make tons of cash and defeat the King of the Casino, who is pure evil. For those who are fans of casino games this classic NES game is a great a buzz and lots of fun.

The graphics (anime-style) and music of the game are quite polished and refined, which makes it quite entertaining. You can also walk around to play the poker games at different tables, and there are cut scenes, engaging dialogues, etc. that make the game one of the top retro casino games of the Nintendo.

Peek-A-Boo Poker

Peek-A-Boo Poker was a rare NES game that had both casino and adult themes. Due to its controversial nature, its distribution was quite limited across the world.

Peek-A-Boo Poker is essentially a game of strip poker. You start by picking one of the three babes that are featured: Double Dealing Debbie, Pok-er Penny, and Full House Francine. Once done, you move to just playing poker.

Every time you make a thousand bucks, you get to see a titillating image of the girl of your choosing. With each milestone of $1,000, the image gets hotter, until you hit $5,000 milestone, at which point the girl is changed.

Don’t let the inclusion of seductive themes in the Peek-A-Boo Poker fool you into thinking that it’s to make up for a bad game. It’s actually quite interesting to play and follows the standard rules of Poker. So, if you a Poker lover yourself, you are sure to enjoy it!

The NES gave us so many amazing games to play, and yet many gems like the ones above are almost lost and forgotten. If you are a fan of the Nintendo as well as casino games, then be sure to give these three a shot. You will love them!