Top 5 Nintendo soundtracks, plus Reader’s Choice

Today I hereby declare myself the expert on the greatest Nintendo console soundtracks until an Infendo reader easily dethrones me in the comment section. How that will work is I’ll check the vibe of the readers all day and week and update this list as necessary with the results of popular opinion. This here is just an impromtu list to get you motivated/piss you off. Note: These titles are not in any particular order.

  1. Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 3. Shadow’s Theme, anyone?
  2. Ninja Gaiden. The soundtrack gets eerily haunting whenever someone dies (like Ryu Hayabusa’s father, or the bearded guy in the cabin). Also, you gotta love one of the first games to venture into cutscenes.
  3. Actraiser. The gorgeous visuals and stereo sound of this early SNES title marked the beginning of the unmatched (IMO) 16-bit era. The end credits music ganks generously the soundtrack from 20th Century FOX/Star Wars too.
  4. Battletoads. Just push the pause button already.
  5. The Legend of Zelda Intro/Adventure of Link Intro. Two of the greatest adventure games ever created also feature some of the most easily identifiable themes outside of Super Mario Bros.

Freely attack me for massive damage. I wore my pads today.

READER’S CHOICE: You demanded it, so here it is, the first of the reader’s choice section:

Killer 7. The unorthodox gameplay and cel shading were a huge draw but so too was the soundtrack, according to more than a few Infendo readers. Keep it coming.