Dracula starts an unholy brawl; Castlevania: Judgment confirmed for Wii

225_castlevaniafighterGoNintendo posted information yesterday from the latest issue of Nintendo Power confirming long-standing rumors that Konami is bringing a new Castlevania game subtitled “Judgment” to Wii.

However, the game shares little in common with prior entries in the fabled series. Konami has thrown enthusiasts of its vampire-slaying franchise a curveball; Castlevania: Judgment is a 3D fighter.

According to Nintendo Power, confirmed characters for Castlevania: Judgment include Dracula, Simon Belmont, Alucard, Shanoa and Maria Renard. Classic Castlevania subweapons including holy water, magic spells, daggers and boomerangs will be usable.

Players will be able to set traps for opponents amidst destructible environments while dealing with enemy monsters who interfere during battle. Few details in regard to the game’s controls have been revealed, but players will control their character with the nunchuck and utilize motion controls with the Wii Remote for attacks.

Konami has also taken advantage of DS to Wii connectivity for Castlevania: Judgment, through which Maria Renard is unlockable. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will also be used in some capacity.

In addition, Castlevania: Judgment utilizes a gauge that slowly builds during battle and allows players to unleash a special move, much like a “final smash,” when filled. Horrific brutality ensues, I’m sure.

GoNintendo posted this quote from series producer Koji Igarashi addressing early concerns in regard to the game being a spin-off:

“I guess some fans may worry about the game quality, but I am confident that we can achieve a very high-quality game. I think that fans”¦will see that it stays true to the Castlevania series. Even though this is a fighting game, I can guarantee that it will be fun.”

I expect Castlevania faithful to hold him to that. Expect more news on Super Castlevania Bros. Brawl…err, Castlevania: Judgment at E3.