Top 10 best-selling games of 2008

According to the NPD Group, the official sales tracker of U.S. video games:

  1. Wii Play
  2. Mario Kart Wii
  3. Wii Fit
  4. Smash Bros. Brawl
  5. GTA IV (360)
  6. Call of Duty World at War (360)
  7. Gears of War 2
  8. GTA IV (PS3)
  9. Madden 09 (360)
  10. Mario Kart DS

“The variety of content on the top 10 list shows just how viable non-traditional content has become,” said NPD analyst Anita Frazier. “Not only can these games succeed, they can end up on the top 10 list for the year.”

For the record, I found Wii Play to be dreadfully boring.