Tokyo Game Show FAQ

IGN gives the scoop on what to hope for this Friday, or Thursday if you’re in the States. Expect Iwata’s 50 minute keynote at 10:00pm EST and 7:00pm PST on Thursday night (That’s tomorrow!!!). The table is set… Now all we need is a revealed controller and a final build of the system would be much appreciated too.

[Source: IGN]


  1. Damn ads…
    IGN have updated their Revolution FAQ too, though the only new entries are on page 3.

  2. Ah, sweet Blog spam! Gotta love it.

    Anyway, back to the business at hand. Here’s to hoping the controller has the slick look of the box itself (sorry to N64 and GameCube fans… but I felt Like i was holding a Skittle).

    I’m worried the hype is too big, sort of. This controller has been rumored to be ‘simple and compatible with past systems’ … here’s to hoping it’s got “just the right” touch to be somewhere between outrageous gimick and funcitonal device.

    Why am I still worried about this announcement? (Just remind myself to think about the success of GameBoy and Ds…)

  3. It’s my biased nature talking, but all the video game journalists are starting to sound the same: Better games please.

    An excerpt from a good article making the Slashdot, Kotaku rounds today:

    “Call it The Matrix Reloaded principle. The Wachowski Brothers foolishly tried to top the action sequences from the first, classic film. Instead of taking a different path, they spared no cost (whether financial or technological) to bring the absolute pinnacle of special effects and stunt work to the viewer. And if you’ve ever seen the second two Matrix sequels, you’ll know that these fancy action scenes added nothing to the films because the films, frankly, stunk up the place. In fact, the elaborate special effect scenes were almost painful to sit through because it showed how out-of-touch the directors really were.

    That’s how modern video games are starting to feel. Doom 3 may look like filet mignon, but it plays like charred, gristly hamburger. What good are glitzy graphics when the game experience is locked in the mid 90s? If anything, they just draw attention to your other deficiencies. Instead of spending $20 million to make “THE NEXT HALO!!!,… why not spend $4 million to make five solid games with interesting themes? You might not sell 8 million copies, but with budgets like that, selling 300,000 units will make you serious bank.”


  4. I’m really excited now 😀 I hope we see something….

    Great find JB, I really like the excerpt…nice idea, though I think no studio will do it right now, but maybe….who knows 😉 Nintendo seems to kinda follow that way…well….kinda….does anyone know what TP will cost approx. ?

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