To find Wii, stalk the UPS man

UPS man and Wii'sTo get yourself a Wii this holiday, you should not stalk the UPS man, but you should stalk the UPS man. Get it?

So says George Harrison in an interview with Wired’s Chris Kohler today, during which he also responded to that lingering conspiracy theory about fake Wii shortages.


“Typically, we’d have begun stockpiling console hardware back in August” for the holiday season, Harrison says. “But this year, we were selling all the Wii we could get, and we got all the way through the summer with basically no inventory in our warehouse.” […] “I don’t want to say, ‘Stalk the UPS driver,’ but figure out when the shipments are arriving in the store,” he says.

UPS drivers, beware. Does any Infendo regular still not have a Wii yet?