To fight Doc, or wear a silly hat?—that is the question


504x_dlpo___screens_03Club Nintendo Platinum members have only a few weeks left to make their decision. Super Mario hat, or extra Doc level in Punch-Out!!? Hopefully these pics can help you make the decision.


  1. I went with the hat. It feels like a better collectible. I’m sure I’ll find a way to play Doc’s Punch-Out!!

  2. Secretly, I think I like the hat too. But I also like Punch-Out!! So conflicted…

  3. I went with the hat. It’s the ultimate topper to my Mario costume!!!

  4. i picked the hat, must wear it while playing my mario games!

  5. What if you don’t have a Wii? DS-only owners are kinda stuck with the hat, I guess.

  6. Hat. It’s a better long term investment.

  7. I took Doc’s Punch Out!!! because I figured if I really want the hat I can buy it on eBay any day. But the game is a one shot deal.Those hats have been for sale online for what like a year allready??? They must have been offered to Japan first…

  8. I got the hat. I can’t wait lol.

  9. I picked the game. The hat will only collect dust.

  10. hat ftw.