Three years in the making

Click here for what is arguably more annoying than the repeated delays that Zelda Twilight Princess for the GameCube has gone through. Someone please tell me when we’ll play this game.


  1. BWAHAHAHA classic voice acting

  2. Repeated delays? It’s been delayed once.

  3. lololol that is jokes someone should forward that page to nintendo

  4. That’s REALLY funny [because it’s true].

    Dang, well at least I have enough time to beat OOT before it comes out.

  5. …That effin killed me.

    Not only does everything Stewie sed fit perfectly with TP, but it happens to be my fave FamGuy bit. An internet classic. *wipes tears*

  6. To answer your question… Soon , Sooner than you think, sooner than everyone thinks actually. It will be the best zelda , actually the best game anyone could ever imagine, the best game anyone could EVER develop, we could go through a time machine to year 2018 and ANY game you play for the Playstation 5 wont be nearly half as overwhelming as Zelda TP…No Game.. that video is an insult to the legend, and to fans of the legendary game. I might even say it shouldnt’ve been delayed, it should’ve been released so the same mistake windwaker did could be re-lived in a game 10 times better, longer, and more emotionally expressive than OoT. Sorry for the attitude but the video makes the zelda development team seem like they’ve been sitting on their asses, scratching their balls all this time , when it is exactly the opposite. A game such as zelda SHOULD NOT BE RUSHED, it made a mistake once, but believe me it wont ever happen again. This game will prove that.

  7. Yeah, we wouldn’t want the whole triforce hunt incident happening again.

  8. hes right, Ocarina of time took alot more than 3 yrs. they announced it when the 64 was released, or before that actually, and was released a couple of long years afterwards. And look at the masterpiece that turned out to be. It is still #1 in alot of top ten, top 100 and best video games of all time to this day! and that person who mentioned the triforce hunt, hes right, but the triforce hunt wasnt the only problem of windwaker. The lack of Dungeons, the Loooooong sea travels, not such zelda music, and not as challenging as Ocarina. I dont know about you, but id rather wait to play this game than to create such videos that mock the legend.

  9. seen here in this realy old ad:

    it was shown in Beta pictures in 1995(Link still look like Link circa 1992)..yet the true game did not come out till late 1997.

  10. i will be skeptical of the queer looking wolf battle system until i experience it and i’m proved otherwise… link is rode by a guy that hits people with a magical goo(ish) thing on his head… greeeeaaat… i could imagine more welcomed scenarios…

  11. i am 100% confident that TP will be worth every day. I may go an a mission and beat all 3 Zeldas in 3-d. OoT MM and WW.

    Im ready, but I will not rush Nintendo.


    OoT 1998 I beatr it in 3 months

    Majoras Mask in 2004 I beat in One Month

    Wind Waker…on awesome crazzy week in 2005.

    Please…I want 3 months again.

  12. Well Said!

  13. Like I said Before (Super Premium Edition)

  14. ” A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”

    Quote From,

    Shigeru Miyamoto

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