Headphones and Gaming

I’ve recently been making good use of my DS headphone jack and have been blown away by the whole experience. This just might be the first time I’ve ever played a video game with headphones since I never bought the SP headphone adapter. Could stereo still be this good with all the existing surround sound formats? My ears are living proof that it is.

Any other stereo or headphone gamers out there? Spread the word.


  1. Hell yea! My last post asking gamers what they were currently playing was spurred from playing through Dawn of Sorrow with headphones on. The difference is immense and makes the game totally engrossing. DS is the first handheld that i’ve had experiences like this on. The first game was Meteos. That game has an awesome, underrated soundtrack. Lumines may have a better one, i wouldn’t know, but Meteos is the best showcase of original music on DS. Now there’s Aria with it’s console calibur score. I’m lovin it.

  2. Of course! I bought the SP adapter and have been using it since, when possible
    Add to that Sennheiser headphones, and you’ve got a gaming experience

  3. I remember when i got my original game boy, I used to listen to tetris with the SUPPLIED stereo headphones!!! Been reading the blogs and wondering, do I get a DS to fullfill my nintendo habit or wait for the rev..?? 🙂

    Love the site

  4. famicomman-definatly get a DS. When the rev comes out, you will probably be glad you did, with all the linking possibilities that you hear about. Plus, the revo won’t be around for awile. Dive in, you won’t regret it.

  5. hmmm my mate is in Hong Kong today, might give him a call….hmmm

  6. I’ve used headphones when it has been necessary to do so, like on mass transit or when my girlfriend is sleeping, but since I got Ouendan, I’ve been playing with fat headphones on even when nothing is stopping me from just blasting the music.

    The DS is phenomenal, famicomman.

  7. the only real times i use headphones for gaming is when i don’t want to disturb others (traveling or what have you), but it always impresses me how wonderful everything sounds. particularly with DS games, i love it, should do it more often.

  8. Use headphones to play meteos, the whole experience is totally diffrent! BTW if that guys is you, you should get some more sleep your eyes look bloodshot

  9. The best sounding headphones I’ve ever had were the ones that came with my original Gameboy.

    I like using headphones plugged into my TV when playing Gamecube stuff, too. Bought a 12′ headphone extension cable just to do that!

  10. Use headphones? Absolutely!
    I would even say that the sound in GBA and DS games were designed with headphones in mind…
    I also use headphones sometimes while playing GameCube and Xbox, but there 5.1 surround is better.

  11. I use headphones, but not as much as I should…

  12. GC games should always be played with 5.1, it’s a completely different experience.
    If you haven’t tried electroplankton with headphones, you have no idea how powerful the DS’ soundchip is, it’s an amazing experience.
    I also like to hook the DS up to the Stereo for when i play electroplankton for others. Fantastic sound.

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