THQ to publish for Revolution

THQ is developing “games for Revolution.” They are another in the growing list of publishers signing on with the system. Want to know the cool thing. These guys know what the system is capable of. Maybe not everything, but you gotta believe they know a lot.

The company president was also quoted as saying “We’re seeing more from Nintendo now [for Revolution] than we have an any other Nintendo platform,” and that Nintendo is “waking up.”

Another interesting thing about the article, is that IGN claims Revolution is not the official name. While Nintendo hasn’t official announced a name, they sure acted like it was Revolution at this year’s E3. What is the likelihood Nintendo would change it now?

[Source: IGN]


  1. Oh boy consider yourself lucky, your site is so famous that you get spammers. Anyways, I think this shows promise. I feel Nintendo’s controller format might be easier to port for.

    A simple reason would be what Iwata said about their new technologies having no direct bearing on gameplay. So it might be simple implementation of a feature for ports to Nintendo’s new console and no drastic reworking of the gameplay to fit the controller.

  2. Interesting….I heard a rumor, that they wanted to call it Revo (which sucks imho), but Revolution probably isn’t the best name for a console (just like x-box, there’s no acronym for it and that _is_ important ! ;)).
    Of course it’s great to hear another big company is developing for the Rev 😀
    YOu know cocerning ports, I just thought about it, maybe Ninny will just hack the 360s and PS3s controllers so you can use them with the Rev too 😉 Just kidding 😀

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