Thoughts on Xbox 360

Alright readers, time for a non-Nintendo query. We want to know what your thoughts are about the Xbox 360, its launch, how it’ll do on November 22nd, and if/why you are getting one this Fall. Let me be clear about this: We’re not asking whether you think it’ll sink or float in the long run, we want your thoughts about the system and its games now and throughout the launch period, before the other 2 consoles launch.


  1. Same games, but shinier. The revolution controller’s unveiling makes this look so.. 2005, man.

  2. Yeah, I’m not really so interested in it this launch. I got the Dreamcast and PS2 at launch, and have owned every major system back the NES (with the notable exception of the PS1), but there’s nothing really here, in terms of games, that make me want to rush out and spend $500. That wouldn’t have stopped me before, mind you, but I’m a college student now and on a college student budget.

    Christmas this year is going to be full of DS stuff, for me! I’ll hold out on the 360 ’till Halo 3.

    As for others, I think it’ll probably sell out of the limited number available on launch day, get a huge new shipment later that week, and not be sold out from then on.

  3. Not interested till they get a few games that make it worth buying cuz so far there’s nothing. Even a friend who wants it is gonna wait till next year, $400 is too much for soemthing without any true must haves.

    Maybe next year.

  4. Well, I won a free Xbox 360 (plus either football or Need for Speed Most Wanted *please no football*)

    While it isnt Nintendo, it is a nice freebie (hell, the way I see it I can buy quite a few games just for them to break even)

    Although I still think I might sell it if there really ARE shortages, but I doubt there will be lol

    Nothing really interesting at launch, ALOT of multiplatform games :/

    +13 year old sex game (DOA4)
    +Dark (Took too damn long)
    +Kameo (WTF?)
    +PGR3 (damn that looks boring)

    IT looks pretty and all, but definatly not ‘next gen’ to me..

    8-bit -> 16 bit -> 3D

    We spent a generation in the gutter with nowhere to move, and yet once again it seems 2 out of 3 seem to think graphics are the world.

  5. Not real spectaculair.. it’s not next generation, its a update. there better graphics, for the rest its more of the same.

  6. I was amazed when they said on the money program (BBC2) that focus groups said the xbox could only have been designed by Apple or Sony. To me and plenty of others it screams out Optiplex. I bought the original xbox for Halo then sold it. I bought one again for Halo 2. I have kept it, but it never gets used. None of the launch line up stands out to me. I may have a hard time resisting when halo 3 comes out. I’m also enjoying my DS this Christmas…. If I had to buy a new machine I’d get a PSP, but I don’t even fancy them much.

    PS for what it’s worth the DS looks like it was designed by fisher price, but the Revolution looks like an Apple design

  7. no thanks, ill be buying sonic rush on the 22nd hahah

  8. I don’t own an xbox nor do I plan on getting a 360 (but I don’t completely oppose the idea). But just like every other home console I think there will eventually be some must-play titles on there. I don’t think any of those are going to come for a while though. When I played with the controller at e3 it really does feel like the pinnacle of traditional controllers. It’s ergonomically the best ever made (like I said, I don’t even like xbox). I’m obviously getting a Revolution, then I’ll decide between the 360 or PS3. Right now the PS3 is getting a lot of flak, so I guess we’ll see what happens eventually.

  9. The launch itself has some ok games going for it, but nothing that sets it apart. The titles they are plugging don’t look, feel, or play “next-gen”. Maybe I was just expecting too much?

    At e3, i was bored by the titles that were playable (it’s hard to compete with Zelda, SotC, SC2, etc.), and now the demo units are showing “ok” stuff at best. The only title that looks tempting to me is Kameo. But I have lost faith in Rare since Star Fox Adventures.

    I know there is a plenty there to attract the xbox “fratboy gamer” stereotype, but i’m not seeing reason to drop $400+ on it anytime soon.

    ….that and my roommate is buying one.

  10. well the xbox 360 has already sold 10million units, so I think it will #1.

  11. Thinking away from Nintendo, the jump from PS1 to PS2 was astounding. I felt gameplay was amazingly diffrent. Microsoft followed PS2 and upgraded graphics and offered a lot of things Sony didn’t/wouldn’t.

    I played a Xbox 360 at Gamestop and I noticed no real diffrence. Slightly sharper, less load time, same control. I won’t own any Sony or Microsoft “upgraded” console.

    As for the people I talk to who are 360 or PS3 nuts, they get stumped when you mention all the “crazy” ideas Nintedo has/had.Crazy ideas such as the analog stick, sholder buttons, and rumble featres.

    Basically Nintendo hasen’t given PS3 or Xbox any new ideas to steal so we wont see anythign new or impressive until April next year. So I am saving my money for WiFi DS games, Zelda TP, and of course the Next Nintendo!!!!!!

  12. I am not even remotely interested in plunking down such a huge amount of money ($400+ after tax?! No thanks) for what is essentially an upgrade of the same thing. It also doesn’t help that the Xbox had nothing going for it but Halo, and so will the Xbox 360.

    As for its launch line-up… there isn’t one. Microsoft picked up Rare because they were obviously hoping they would churn out the next Goldeneye killer app… yeah, not gonna happen. I loved Rare back in the day, but their glory days are done.

    The only reason Xbox didn’t completely flop was Halo, which was never that great to begin with. How sad to see such an overpriced bulk of a system sustained by one mediocre franchise.

    Of course, there is no doubt in my mind that all the Halo fanatics will run out and drop their hundreds of dollars on the deluxe “super expensive version” system and then wait until Halo 3 comes out so they can justify their purchase. Then some of them will realize it’s more of the same and sell their Xbox 360.

    I am also not convinced that Japan is so much more interested in 360 than the original Xbox. Just because J. Allard says it doesn’t mean it’s true.

  13. Xbox 360 is just the same old “next generation”. Revolution, for better or for worse, is doing something different. Hell, I’d probably have bought a Virtual Boy too. I want to see where this goes, not just continue the same old drag of games.

  14. Sold 10 million units already? I find that hard to believe, when they dont even have 10 million units from my understanding

    Microsoft said in the first three months they plan to have MAYBE 3 million 360s sold…

  15. Just to clarify why someone would say 10 million sold.

    Peter Moore, the guy behind all the fancy marketing for the Xbox 360 lately, has gone on the record to say that they are aiming to sell 10 Million Xbox 360 consoles in the time period of just about a year from it’s global launch.


    I also read that Xbox 360’s will not be avalible for walk in purchash until April. By that time there will be other consoles to deal with!

    Microsoft exec reckons he can shift huge amounts of Xbox 360s in first year of launch

    11:13 Microsoft is aiming to shift 10 million Xbox 360s worldwide in its first year on sale, according to a top executive.
    Speaking at the ELSPA International Games Summit today in London, Peter Moore, corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing, said that his target was to sell 10 million 360s around the world in the “first 12 to 16 months of launch.”

  16. I still fail to see what is so great about Halo. Take any PC FPS made in the past five to ten years, and cripple it with crappy analog controls. Congratulations, you just created Halo. Give yourself a pat on the back. If you want to praise an XBox game you’ve never played so that you don’t sound like a fanboy, praise Panzer Dragoon Orta, Ninja Gaiden or Jet Set Radio Future. Trust me, it’ll be a lot more convincing.

  17. Umm…

    He said they had ALREADY sold 10 million though, that is the challenge

    As for Halo, I found them boring, but then I remember when FPS was fun, on the N64

    Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and the 1 good Duke Nukem game, Zero Hour

    Even though the last one sucked single player, all 3 of those games were fun multiplayer. Halo can not compete with the fun the N64 generation had.

  18. i dont think that i will be buying one at all…i dont know something about buying games from bill gates just to make him even richer…but anyway the only 2 games that i really wanted for the original x-box that were exclusives were halo 1 and 2 and star wars knights of the old republic 1 and 2…i feel that the x-box 360 is the same exact thing only with better graphics…just like the ps3(which i will probably buy when the price drops)but anyways, thats why im not buying an x-box 360

  19. I wasn’t saying that they sold 10 million, I was just saying sometimes people read things out of context, especially when snooty Microsoft reps say “10 MILLION 360S SOLD IN FIRST YEAR”. As far as FPS’s go, just wait till the Rev has the mounted controller!

    Then see what Box heads think then!

  20. Nice comments, guys. For the most part. Some of those Anons and others…a bit iffy.

    Anyway, i’ll get one myself probably around the end of next year. The way i reckon, only 2 consoles will succeed this coming gen, and it’s not gonna be like this gen where the 2 most similar ones thrived. Not to knock any of the currents, but next year the difference will be huge. It’s not gonna be “lemme experience this twice”. It’s gonna be “let me experience this and also that over there”. Prices are gonna be too high for people to be having 2 similar consoles when all the games are going multiplat.

    Furthermore, exclusives are gonna so key this time. For once, the 1st parties of all 3 companies are gonna be forced into the clutch, not just Nintendo’s. So then you’ll start to see a real battle emerge. It’s actually going to be Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony to the fullest extent. 3rd party exclusives will almost be dodo birds by 2007. It’s gonna come down to 1st and 2nd party games, services, and system features.

    Sorry, got excited. Um, i’m too broke for a 360, but it’s just as well. Mass Effect is the one that caught my eye and that’s like a year off.

  21. Having seen a couple of 360 games in development and in person I’m honestly not overwhelmed. There’s nothing about the launch that screams at that it’s worth the price tag. In general I’ve kind of avoided console launches because they tend to be underwhelming as is the first year for many consoles, but the 360 launch has to be one of the more underwhelming launches for me in recent memory.

  22. From the numbers allocated across the globe I don’t see how there can’t be a sell through at least here in the US. There just doesn’t seem like there are enough units to go around if the demand is even half of what Microsoft wants to believe it is.

    As for what system I’ll get, ask me in a year when I have seen more from everyone, and there is at least one more console out, maybe 2 if Sony pushes themselves. Until then I’ll savor the DS and TP and other gems I have missed on the Cube.

  23. It´s a very interesting system, but after what we have seen from Revolution…

  24. Honestly, yeah- this Holiday season what I want is Animal Planet Wild World, Mario Kart DS, Super Princess Peach, etc. All of these games have made me a lot more enthusiastic than any of the XBox 360 release titles. Yeah I played one and the graphics were astounding. But now that we’re at a point where the kind of game you can make isn’t limited by graphics (IE they couldn’t make 3d games on NES), better graphics shouldn’t be what they’re striving for. Even XBox live seems to have fallen to the wayside in terms of development behind the power of the XBox and the marketing of the system. I would wager Microsoft is spending more to advertise the 360 than they ever did developing games or the system itself. That’s no good.

  25. I think even Mario kart Ds which is only just one game is getting a ton more hype by everyone than the whole xbox360 launch. Somehow it doesn’t feel like a console launch, almost making me not caring. I have a gamecube & an xbox, and of course the gba & ds, and there a great Xbox games just coming out that doesn’t make me feel like upgrading. It really needs more than the games to attract the masses. mostly the ones geting one are hardcore fans & they guys that have money for all consoles & need to be the first in the block withone. I already been thru that, and after all the consoles are released by this time next year, I’ll choose if an Xbox & a Playstation will sit next to the revolution

  26. I plan on going to stores to see how strong the consumer demand is. It’s a ritual of mine. If u Manhattanites happen to be doing the same, watch out for me.

  27. i will getone just for perfect dark zero…that is the only launch game that has me pumped.

  28. Outside of the fact that I wasn’t planning to purchase a 360 and I do not own a XBox, I haven’t seen any game announcements that have made me consider purchasing one. I feel that have played up the “shortage” alittle too much! I think that it’s the wrong kind of buzz to create interest – but then I guess that really shows that the launch line-up is really lackluster for real gamers. They are just targeting the people that have to say they got their 360 on launch.

    It actually reminds me of the PSP launch and how everyone was pre-ordering when in fact, it was easy to find one. The major stores sold-out but then they probably got a limited amount to once again create a shortage panic.

  29. My prediction:
    The initial shipment will sell out because of the shortage and because it is the firts ‘next gen’ console to launch. The launch will do probably better than the original Xbox.
    However, it won’t have better sell numbers than the Revolution or the PS3 (or the PS2). And, the expectation element will suffer from the DS Wi-Fi launch. Mario Kart DS will probably sell more than the Xbox 360, although that is not a fair comparison (a $35 video game vs. a $400 console).

  30. Honestly, I’m considering get a 360 over a revolution. I think a lot of the launch games. I love Nintendo, and want them to succeed, but also I want more mature games. Is Nintendo going to supply this? I don’t want to be playing super princess peace when I go to college next year. I don’t want to be playing a system marketed for 60 year olds. But at the same time I feel intense loyalty to Nintendo. I don’t know.

  31. Revolution is going to be marketed to everyone. Nintendo will supply mature games, but probably not too many gratuitous games. If you are too “mature” to enjoy Mario Kart DS, then you’re not mature at all. (Clearly, since you’re still in high school)

    5 FPS, 5 Racing, 5 Sports, 1 Movie, 1 Adventure. YEARGH.

    The only thing that will make me buy a 360 is if Mistwalker’s games are absolutely astounding. Otherwise, I’m stick and tired.

  32. If you’re only motivation for buying an xbox is Halo just buy the pc versions.

  33. I’m sorry, what? I love games like Mario Kart. I’ve loved Mario Kart since Super Nintendo, but that’s part of the problem. Every generation I just look forward to the same titles, only upgraded. The new Mario, the new Zelda, etc. Metroid was really the only surprise I’ve gotten from Nintendo. Nintendo may be innovating the way we play games, but how far have they come in the games we play? I don’t know if the upgrades of the same games I’ve been playing since I was 7 or 8 are going to be enough.

  34. Forgive my harshness here, but the answer is very simple and easy: Buy both u tard.

    You’re telling me Mario 64 was a mere upgrade from Super Mario World? That Ocarina of Time was a mere upgrade to Link to the Past? If you think the only games on Nintendo systems are Nintendo’s own games, ur living in a bubble. With all the FPS titles already announced and sure to come for Revolution, u honestly think there won’t be mature titles? I (hope i) understand what u mean in that sometimes it’s nice to play something with a little more adult edge, but seriously, if you don’t realize that there’s more games to choose from than just Nintendo’s, ur not mature. People that bitch and complain about Nintendo being too age-generalized are usually kids that have been loyal to Nintendo and begin to yearn for something different. Buy a game from a third party or buy a second system. Kids that go through this “Nintendo withdrawl” go through it because they get too caught up in flame wars. You don’t have to stick to one company. God i hate fanboys.

  35. For one, please get a life, also, if you’re going to be condescending, at least take the tim to add the y and the o in you. Next, I love in Nintendo and decided against switching. However…buy both? I’m going to college in Long Island, no way can I afford both, you tard. The funny how you compare only the jump from the 16-bit to the 3d era. Clearly that’s going down in history as the biggest jump made. However, from the N64 to the Gamecube, I have to admit, not all that impressed. And by the way, I’m also going to be a Nintendo fanboy, only because I’m smarter than everyone else for buying a video game system for games.

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