This week’s Infendo Radio goes bump in the night, turns 200 episodes old


Join Derek and I as we discuss this week’s Nintendo headlines, answer reader mail, turn 200 episodes old, and celebrate Halloween with really awesome music.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Wow, Blake. Is the banner image really necessary? It’s Good Again? Way to discredit the countless hours that we put into the podcast. Its disappointing and frustrating that you valued our time so little.

    Word to the wise: community is everything, and if word gets around (and it always does sooner or later) that you treat your VOLUNTEERS like crap, it will bleed into everything else you do. Community is what brought Infendo up to what it was in the “hay day,” and if you ever want it to return to that, you need to bring your focus back to that.

    I hope that you’re transparent enough to keep this comment up. I hope that you can respond as a real person would. If you take it down, it reaffirms the idea that you really don’t care about your listeners or readers, and you’re in it for the numbers. If you take it down, I’ll just let you know that you have sealed the deal and ensured that you have lost a once loyal reader. However, if you leave it up and respond to it in a transparent and honest way, I will resubscribe to Infendo and see how things go. I hope for the future of Infendo that I am wrong, Blake.

  2. Zac – In the last month alone, we’ve received 8 positive emails from listeners, saying the podcast is “good again.” Are you suggesting it’s worse?

    Furthermore, server logs and iTunes reviews (look them up) prove the show was in a fall from grace, going from 2500 single episode downloads to a mere 800 single episode downloads over the last year.

    It’s my fault. The show’s reputation and popularity paid the price. I should have stepped in sooner. Hopefully Derek and I can get quality back up, making the show (once again) a fun, entertaining, short, and organized digest into the world of Nintendo.

    So far, the initial feedback is encouraging. To anyone who used to or has never listened to the podcast, just listen to the first five minutes and I’m guessing you’ll stick around for the full 30.

  3. Hey, Infendo. I’ve been listening to the podcast since 2006, but wanted to give a particular thanks for this episode for the fact that you were willing to devote some time to talk about the Wii’s successor.

    The general consensus at the moment seems to be that know one wants to talk about next gen, but this is the first time in what, 3 decades(?), that we’ve had a full 4 years without a new home console released to the market, much less even having one officially announced in that time. I understand their feelings to an extent, that since today’s games seem to have such long development times that it still feels like this gen is just starting, but that doesn’t mean we should shun the option to move on to something greater should it become available.

    I also understand how Microsoft and Sony wouldn’t want to gear up to release new hardware as they have only recently begun profiting on their current home systems, but Nintendo is a different story. The third party situation on Wii is looking pretty grim for the future (much like 2001 was for N64 and 2006 was for Gamecube) and if they keep seeing the year-over-year drops in system sales next year that they had this year, then I can’t imagine they’d want to wait longer than calender year 2012 to get a new system out, if not fiscal year 2012.

    I, personally, am still fine with the Wii’s tech, but if a successor came along that finally caters more to developers needs, much like the 3DS seems to be succeeding at, then I would much rather put down $300 for a new Nintendo console than watch the current Wii lose slowly lose all of it’s relevancy over the next 3-4 years. In 1-2 years, they very likely could build a new system that’s notably more powerful than PS3 and still sell it at a price that meets their profit goals.

    In short, for Nintendo fans in particular, this shouldn’t be seen as “conceding defeat” but rather a great opportunity that the other two console makers don’t currently have.

  4. My comments above had nothing to do with the quality of the show. I was referring to your attitude towards the people that put in the time when you didn’t care enough about it to do anything yourself. Saying “It was my fault” isn’t an excuse either, its a deflection. By saying “Its Good Again,” you are showing that you did not value the time that was put in by others. If your intent is to get a few laughs at the expense of others, mission accomplished, I guess.

    As for the stats (which, unless you’re looking for huge sponsorship deals, don’t really matter), when you pulled the plug on Infendo Radio, stats were on the rise. Furthermore, if you want to blame the decrease of stats on something, I have two big ones: Scott Johnson left, and the Wii lost mindshare. Don’t blame the loss of stats on the people who were actually keeping the stats from dropping lower than they would have been otherwise.

    Again, I return to the idea that podcasting is built around communities, openness, and good will. If you go into the game treating the people you deal with with respect and trust, you’ll get respect and trust back and your community will flourish. If you are dismissing and disregarding your previous hosts’ time and efforts, I can’t begin to say what that means about your feelings towards your audience.