This Week In Gaming – 2005


13 years ago, within a one-week period, both Microsoft and Sony announced their next big consoles: The Xbox 360 and Play Station 3, respectively.

Both systems had a difficult start, with Microsoft dealing with low supply and Sony under-performing in the beginning against the wii and Xbox 360. However, all 3 systems of that generation went on to do very well.

Gamer by day, game designer by night - Lukas studied Digital Arts in school, and grew up in the age of the N64 and Gamecube. He's the youngster of the bunch, but that doesn't keep him from shouting out at every available opportunity on Infendo Radio. He often finds himself at the edge of counter-culture (hates Metroid Prime, loves Other M), but isn't afraid to dive into the next big budget AAA title with the best of 'em. Favorite game: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/Skyward Sword/Ocarina of Time/Zero Escape 2/You get the idea