This Infendo Radio will be the best 34 minutes of your life


We’re baaaaaack! Join Derek and I as we back track on 3DS, speculate on its launch lineup, leg hump Metroid Prime, declare our Superbowl allegiance, and field a bevy of reader letters.

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  1. Nintendo might be delaying some killer news (probably revealed on the 8th in that mysterious new Amsterdam event) because of the PSP2 announcement, which they knew was coming, stealing their thunder, which they can now strategically steal back with some killer news, such as the launch ifo everyone is questioning the lack off. (expect the other AR games to be revealed also)

  2. Xavier & Luther Level Planning

    I do not believe that Nintendo has rushed the 3DS out for launch. They could have released the system in time for Christmas. However, they chose to delay the launch due to strategic reasons more so than because of a lack of completion of hardware or software.

    I believe that Nintendo is purposely holding back on many of the first party games from launch. They likely have more games completed, but they are supporting the 3rd parties by alleviating the pressure of competing against Nintendo’s biggest 1st party offerings. This is another important showcase of Nintendo’s efforts to appease 3rd party developers. It is such a show of good faith to give up your games for launch.

    Also, the eShop will not be ready until May. This seems to be contrary to my positions. However, I do not believe it is the software of the eShop that is not ready, but instead it is likely the deals and negotiations with service providers for the content, such as 3D Video, that is holding it up. Sure, those features could just be updated, but it seems that the features that we are waiting on will be so integrated into the eShop that it will be easier for Nintendo to provide it when it’s ready as opposed to creating a feature locked version to send out early. Again, you can’t convince me that the virtual console software has not completed development, but aspects such as price and which games will become available and when might not be finalized yet.

    PS: I think the other 5 AR Games are going to be the Killer Apps that push everyone who is on the fence about buying the system at launch over the edge.