These Zelda playing cards will surely make any game of poker more nerdy

Zelda deck of cards

Deviantart user Nelde has designed some playing cards each with some beautiful art inspired from The Legend of Zelda. Not only that, but Fangamer is selling decks of these Zelda playing cards for $15 (or 15 rupees), so you can become a Hyrulian cardshark at your next game of Texas Hold ‘Em. However, fair warning, but the crew at Fangamer mentions that they may not be able to ship orders until May.

Despite the wait, the designs of these playing cards are sure to be worth a purchase for any Zelda fan. Aside from the obvious designs of Link, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, and the Triforce in the deck, the Gorons, Zoras, Skull Kid, and even Zant make an appearance. Hopefully Nelde will design more Nintendo-specific playing cards in the future. Maybe Metroid? Mario? Star Fox? The list goes on.

Now excuse me, but my Hyrulian Royal Flush I just drew is about to garner me a pot full of rupees.

Harrison Milfeld is a writer, editor, and freelance journalist from Missouri. Ever since he could walk, Harrison has been an avid fan of the world of Nintendo. For years, he has purchased every one of the company's subsequent products (yes, including the Virtual Boy and eReader). It wasn't until he was a young teen when he bought a PS2 that he began to embrace cross-console relations, a decision he doesn't regret. When he's not gaming, Harrison is looking to break into the magazine journalism industry and realize his dream of becoming a features reporter.