There’s only one way Super Mario Bros. could have been better. By adding a portal gun.

It has been a great few months for awesome fan projects, and it looks like another one has just been added to the pile. The just released Super Mario Bros. and Portal crossover game dubbed Mari0 is pretty amazing stuff. Available for free from developer Stab Yourself, Mari0 is everything you could ever want from a Mario-wielding portal gun game.

Along with the ability to play the original Super Mario Bros. with portal gun in tow, the game also features 4-player simultaneous coop, a level editor, 33 different hats to collect, and even downloadable map packs. If you know what’s good for you you’ll put down that 3DS right now and click on over and hit download. If anything else, it will make for a fun few hours on a Saturday night.

I don’t know about you, but I think the portal gun could make just about any game better. Legend of Zelda: Portal to the Past anyone?

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5 Responses to There’s only one way Super Mario Bros. could have been better. By adding a portal gun.

  1. monkat says:

    Meh. I tried the game, and while I more than appreciate the hard work it must have taken to accurately rebuild the entire Super Mario Bros. and work in portals, I just don’t find the portal gun to be a meaningful addition to the game.

    Everything happens so quickly that I never have a really good chance to use the portals and end up just relying on my jumping skills.

    Incredibly neat though, and I look forward to see what else this guy can do! The game is also open source, so it is surely open to modding or a form of level creation in the future, which I certainly hope for.

  2. I really enjoy another game from the site. Not Tetris 2!

    It’s super hard though o_O

    I also really appreciate how they are not excluding mac owners, by releasing everything for OSX as well ^_^

  3. monkat says:


    I really wish that more developers (especially indie, though they are doing an excellent job anyway!) would make their games cross-platform for the PC platforms (Windows, OS/X, and Linux). If you plan it being that way from the beginning, it really is not anymore difficult (and depending on the developer’s experience it can be easier) than just making it for Windows.

    Lua is an interpreted language that will run on any modern system, including homebrew ports for the PSP and DS. LÖVE is a “2D Game Library” that is actually very simple to use. Things get more complicated when you make 3D games (your options are really limited to DirectX and OpenGL, the easier and more restrictive of which is DirectX), but for 2D games, there really isn’t much of an excuse for platform exclusivity anymore.

  4. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I tried it, and I suck at it! Dear me…

  5. This is very cool, and open source to! And runs on Linux! Fantastic.

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