There can be only one: NA hardware sales

There’s something reassuring about the cold, lifeless and emotionally dead hardware sales numbers that come out every month here in North America. People can argue about the meaning of an executive’s quote all day, or whether a future system will do well, but statistics are simple and effective. With that said, here are last month’s surprising hardware sales for North America:

1.) Nintendo DS – 403,435
2.) PlayStation 2 – 306,517
3.) Xbox 360 – 259,458
4.) Game Boy Advance – 177,145
5.) PlayStation Portable – 153,353
6.) GameCube – 42,286
7.) Xbox – 6,495

I think you can officially start ignoring the whiney PSP owners, regardless of what new and inventive cuss words they jealously sling your way as your play Mario or Star Fox on the subway — the portable console war, such as it was, is over. And how about that GameCube, huh?