The Zelda Diary by J. Grant


legendofzelda_001.pngLong-time Infendoite and fellow gamer Jon Grant is chronicling his journey in completing each and every Zelda game starting with the Legend of Zelda. He writes in an email:

Some time ago I stumbled upon a blog called ‘Blogging Ultima’, which chronicles one man’s playing all of the Ultima PC games from beginning to end, talking about everything he experiences along the way. I’ve really enjoyed reading his accounts, and that got me to thinking. Why couldn’t I do something similar, but with a game franchise near and dear to my heart? So, from that inspiration sprung up the Blogging Zelda project.

Jon’s right in the middle of fighting 8-bit baddies at the moment. Follow him, would you?


  1. What a great Idea! I’ll bookmark it.

  2. For every new console Zelda game, I love to play through the entire series right before the release. Of course, it’s taking more and more time since the list of Zelda games is getting longer and longer..

    I read about how he opted to not get heart containers & equipment before the first dungeon in Zelda 1 and actually laughed aloud.. I’m too much of a coward to dive-in like that. 😛

    Can’t wait to read about his travels through Termina!

  3. He had better play the masters quest to. If he has any balls at all anyway.

  4. Bookmarked. This will be very interesting.

  5. Yeah, I subscribed to his RSS feed. I really hope he keeps it up. I’m curious to see his impressions on games I haven’t played.

  6. OK, I added it to my Sharpreader!

    I was thinking of doing something like that with Etrian Odyssey, but in the Infendo Forums instead, but it would take way too much time in addition to playing through the game! However, it would be more interesting to see the progress through an obscure game, I think…

  7. Great idea, can’t wait. Bookmarked!

  8. bookmarked indeed. I like the blog style he’s doing it in


  9. I tried doing this before Twilight Princess came out, but there’s just too many games now, especially since I have other games I’m playing.

    To make up for it, every Zelda game I know try to get every secret there is in the game.

  10. OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The “Blogging Zelda” blog is GONE!

    Who will carry the torch? Who will save us from this lack of Zelda nostalgia during our work days? Is no one out there capable of filling this void?