The Politics of Nintendo

Sure we’ve all heard of Miyamoto and his famous Zelda and Mario franchises, but how about Sakamoto? N-Sider has a great article on the organizational structure of Nintendo and how it’s R&D teams were once split among consoles and portables. Very insightful read with a push to get Sakamoto and his great Metroid and Wario Ware titles more on point with those created by Miyamoto.

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  1. I had no idea about Sakamoto. Long live R&D1.

  2. Whoa, very very interesting…
    I always thought it’s like one big group of developers, but it’s far more complicated it seems 😉
    I love the work of every team.
    Iwata will get the vreatice energy flowing, I think he knows that Nintendo has to keep creating new and different games…

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