Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

[In case you missed it, FireEmblem54 shares his thoughts on the sleeper of a DS title that is Phoenix Wright.]

So many things come to mind when the word ?”court?” is brought up. It’s a very serious place, which deals with very serious situations. Yet, somehow, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney manages to deliver one of the most enjoyable experiences in long time, while still dealing with the grim reality of murder. The game is heavily text based, with the player jumping back and forth between the courtroom, and investigating (using the touch screen) out in the field. Don’t expect a real life court simulation though, the cartoon graphilovableable characters, and some crazy storylines, give the game a light mood that’s easy to pick up and enjoy.

The game is divided into chapters, each of which offers a few good hours of gameplay. Which is good, as once the game has been beaten once; its replay value is fairly low. A lot of the fun is in following leads and filling in blanks in the story. After those blanks have been filled in, trying to go through the case again gets boring after a while.

One of the games strongest elements is its sense of humor. The writers managed to sneak in witty lines at the right moments. At one point, just as things are getting heated, Phoenix cries out “?You can’?t handle the truth!”? and instantly, tension is cleared.

When it comes right down to it, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney simply adds to the DS’?s already amazing, and still growing, library. It’?s a title that no adventure fan should be without, and it will keep any gamer busy for hours on end. A sequel can’?t come soon enough.

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  1. Agreed, definitely

    I am a DS owner as of July 2005 and I own,
    MARIO DS, Castelvania DS, PHOENIX WRIGHT, TRAUMA CENTER, METROID PINBALL, MARIO KART DS, Lunar (BLAH what a waste of time)sorry, uhm… also Mario and Luigi partners in time, and some others, i cant remember at this time, but I have to say that Phoenix is an enjoyable game to play, very fun, and interactive, the animations are awesome, music sets the mood, I am on the last (5th) case and Its tougher, but I should finish it in by the end of the week. If you havent got a copy of this game your sleeping on an enjoyable title. Also trauma center under the knife is “SUPER FUN”, now your playing with power.


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