The Nintendo DS, a Japanese cultural phenomenon

Here’s a cool read about the DS and its almost mythical/legendary status in Japan. Seriously, I think they’re counting the little white knight as one Frank Miller’s 300 now.

Should you ever take a trip to Japan, chances are you’ll see more than a few Nintendo DS portable game systems being played. Not just by children or gaming adults, but by anyone, young or old. They’re everywhere. It’s common to see people playing them on the train on their way to work, during lunch breaks, or, ironically, in the long queues that form when another shipment of DS Lites arrive at a store. That’s right. Such is the success and widespread appeal of Nintendo’s portable, it’s almost impossible to purchase one without lining up for hours in advance, even now, 2 years after they were officially launched.

When you can survive on the strength of your portable alone, and use that leverage to make a very risky yet innovative home console, you’ve got something special.

[Thanks, Dan]