The Nintendo Blog Trinity: Part One – GoNintendo

Like most TV viewers, Nintendo fans don’t stay tuned in to one channel for news and discussion. In this three-part series, I talk to the editors of three popular Nintendo blogs to find out what makes them tick. First up is Kevin Cassidy, also known as RawmeatCowboy of GoNintendo:

Why did you start a Nintendo specific blog?
I have always been a huge Nintendo fan. I’ve been playing video games across all platforms for the better part of 20 years. There was always something about Nintendo’s software that interested me more-so than others. It’s that feeling you get when playing a Nintendo game…a feeling I rarely get from other companies, but Nintendo always delivers.

I had worked for other gaming sites for a couple years, covering all platforms. The last site I had worked for closed down, and I was left with a decision. I could work for another multiplatform site, or I could try my own blog. I thought it would be fun to run an all Nintendo blog, since Nintendo interested me the most It was never a question of what coverage to go with, it was Nintendo from the start. The other platforms never even crossed my mind. I’m a fanboy, I admit it!

What influence do you hope to have on Nintendo as a company?
With GoNintendo, I really hope to bring Nintendo news to as many people as possible. I wanted gamers who didn’t really follow Nintendo to come to the site, and get caught up in the world of Nintendo. Basically, I just wanted more people to realize why Nintendo has such a hardcore fan base, and get them into the world of Nintendo games. People seem to really get caught up in the dedication of Nintendo fans, and in turn, they start to gravitate towards Nintendo games. I hope that in some small way I am bringing Nintendo as a company more

What makes your site different than 4 Color Rebellion or Infendo?
Hmmm…well first off, I am an idiot, and I run 95% of the site on my own. You guys [Infendo] are smart and have multiple people working on staff! It’s something I hope to change in the near future.

I guess GoNintendo is known for being very up to date. It’s just the way I decided to attack the site. I keep so busy with following every bit of news that I hardly ever have time to do opinion pieces. I very much envy both 4cr and Infendo for their ability to churn out opinion

I have a great respect for both sites for this reason. They give me something to work towards. Now I just have to get some more staff!

Do you do it for the money, the respect, or the power?
I have, and always will do GoNintendo for the connections with readers. It’s amazing growing a reader base, and the friendships that come with it. I have people that I talk to on a daily basis that I would have otherwise never met, if not for GoNintendo.

I have received some truly heartwarming emails. Emails from people telling me how GoNintendo has helped them through very rough times in their lives. For instance, I received an email from one reader/podcast listener that had a family member pass away recently. They used our podcast as a way to get happy, and laugh again. It’s things like this that I would have never expected ever. It is a very humbling experience, and one that I am extremely grateful for.

It’s definitely not for the money. GoNintendo makes sure my wallet is constantly empty!

The console life cycle is about five years. Where do you see your site at that time?
If Nintendo is here, than I’ll be here as well. As long as Nintendo is around, I’ll be covering them. That is, if I don’t die from lack of sleep…

What’s your favorite non-Nintendo platform?
I am a gamer first and foremost, so I always make sure to pick up the platforms out there. I may not enjoy all of the games as much as Nintendo, but I respect the work that other hardware/software publishers do. I’m enjoying my 360 right now, playing through Rainbow Six Vegas with some of the podcast staff. My PS3 is…well…let’s just say it hasn’t given me a reason to play it in awhile!

Overall favorites would have to be Sega’s platforms. Sure they were direct Nintendo competition, and fought a vicious battle, but they had a ton of fun games as well. Serious answer, the Dreamcast…silly answer, the Sega CD. I was just playing Sewer Shark the other
day…it’s so bad it’s good!

Are you an Apple / Mac fan?
Fan in the sense that I respect what they do. I don’t own any Mac/Apple products other than my iPod. I don’t know, I just never made the switch. I think I would be very tempted to if I wasn’t running GoNintendo, but the way things are set up now, I am just really used to being on a PC. Does it count that our message boards mod is hardcore Apple?!

If you were banished to an island and could only take one game, what would it be?
Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the SNES. I don’t know what it is about that game, but no matter how many times I beat it, I can keep going back for more. Kid Ying and Dr. Yang have a hold on me. There’s gotta be a monkey on that island, so I’ll teach him to play 2 player with me.

What’s your favorite sleeper title / hidden gem?
I guess I have a few, not too sure how sleeper they are. I think Chibi Robo qualifies as a sleeper. The people that did pick it up loved it, and I am with them on that. Some older games…Kid Dracula for the Game Boy, Lester the Unlikely for SNES, Rocket Knight Adventures (first one only!), and until recently Ristar. I am so happy Ristar saw a release on the VC seeing that not too many people played it. It was out near the end of the Genesis’ life span, so it got lost in the shuffle. I could go on forever!

Mario or Zelda?
I was actually asking myself this recently. I absolutely love Zelda…and it was all Zelda all the time until TP was released. Now that I beat TP, I can’t stop thinking about Super Mario Galaxy. Both series’ give me some of my fondest gaming memories. Let’s say, when Mario isn’t around, it’s all about Link. When Link isn’t around, it’s all about Mario. If both are around at the same time…then I am a very happy gamer.

Thanks to Kevin, Nintendo fans can get updates, screenshots, box art, reviews, and more at all hours of the day. Due to his relentless efforts, GoNintendo has one of the most rabid and news-hungry fan bases of all Nintendo blogs.

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