The House That Yamauchi Built

Below is a picture where supposedly Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi back in 1889. The company originally produced handmade hanafuda cards before getting into the video game market much later on. On behalf of millions of fans the world over, this one’s for you Ninty…
House where Nintendo was founded
[Source: Flickr]


  1. That’s tre cool. I’m thankful for Nintendo. And Mario. And Link.

    And Peach, and Zelda, and Toad, and Luigi, and Bowser.

    And Kid Icarus, and Pikachu, and Samus, and Squirtle.

    And Donkey Kong, and Yoshi.

    I’ve way too much time on my hands.

  2. 1889 *cough*bullshit*cough*

  3. Why do people always have trouble with 1889? Yes, Nintendo is an old company.

  4. Becase people dont like to admit Nintendo has a cashflow of billions, and during their vaccum and etcet era days were considered the BEST products for the lowest prices., read up there, they even TELL you when they were founded.

  5. yeah it’s true, why wouldn’t the Nintendo company be over 100 years old? It’s a proven fact. Even though 80 or so years of those were just producing those cards and whatnot.

  6. Nintendo did ALOT more than just cards, in fact they did appliances and the like as well.

    They created many MANY things, so dont try and say it was all cards, Nintendo has dabbled in almost everything but automobiles *wants the Icarus 20xI or something else they could name it*

  7. just one thing
    thanxx my beloved Nintendo
    I’ve grown with you
    I’m getting older with you
    ..thanxx for all

  8. In Thanksgiving for God, Country, and Ninty.

    I wonder if that house is for sale?

    I’d buy.

  9. Interesting, what more products have they sold besides cards and videogame-related products?

  10. So would the Pokemon cards they made be like nastalgic to the companys history.

    I read the history before and everone is suprised to hear they are that old. Coke started about that time and now they make all kinds of crap.

    Narrow minded people think everything is original and new. No one likes to think their great grandparents could possibly of had something we have now.


  11. If you want to check out the Nintendo original company’s things that they sold, check out Nintendo World Store

  12. Nintendo also owned some pay-by-the-hour hotels known around Japan as ‘love hotels.’ You fill in the details. Good ol’ family-friendly Ninty.

  13. I think you should have made it more clear that what we are actually looking at is a modern building on the site where a the building Nintendo was founded in once stood. You know, just for accuracy and all. You might give international nintendoids incorrect ideas about 19th century Japanese architecture.

  14. You can read Nintendo’s history here.

    For most of its history, Nintendo dedicated themselves to manufacturing and selling hanafuda cards, but also had a go at:

    – Western card games, including even Disney licensed characters.
    – A taxi company
    – Vacuum cleaners
    – A love hotel
    – Conventional toys and games

    Their name as a games company started in 1969, with the arrival of Gunpei Yokoi at Nintendo. Their first electronic games where light gun games, which were a big success between 1969 and 1975. That year, Nintendo started in the TV console market… and the rest, most people here know.

  15. Dang would I have loved to drive a Nintendo taxi in Crazy Taxi. That would just make my day.

  16. Nintendo and Sony are both over 100 years old, Sony is one year Nintendo’s Senior. But Nintendo is by far the better of the two! =P

  17. Yeah, Sony has been a media zaibatsu over most of its history, but Nintendo just makes games. And they make damn good games, too.

  18. Gotta agree with ‘Beez’ here, as a student architecture I definately don’t see 1889’s Japanese architecture in that building. And you don’t have to be an architect to know this is build later on, possibly around 1930’s.

    So indeed, we didn’t get all the info on that building now did we? 😉

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