Could Injustice 2 Be Fighting Its Way onto the Switch?

Could Injustice 2 Be Fighting Its Way onto the Switch?

Credit: Injustice via Facebook.
NetherRealms’ highly anticipated DC superhero fighting game Injustice 2 is now only a month away from release on Xbox One and PS4. With no official announcement being made during development, it would appear unlikely that publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has any immediate plans to bring the brawler sequel to any other platform – including the Switch.
However, a recent tweet from game director – and Mortal Kombat creator – Ed Boon sent social media into a bit of a frenzy regarding his apparent support for Nintendo’s latest flagship console. Could this be a sign that the studio ultimately has plans to port Injustice 2 to the Switch at some point in the future?

Of course, as with a lot of posts from the typically mischievous developer, any “hints” should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt. Boon has form for leading his fanbase down the wrong track over the years, with many false leads and inconsequential teases for the Mortal Kombat series, in particular, being handed out via the 53-year-old’s official social media channels.

That being said, it is undeniable that the superhero genre is very much at the forefront of popular culture this year. The somewhat-faltering DC Extended Universe is set to receive a major boost from the releases of Wonder Woman and Justice League later in 2017, while Marvel’s efforts remain as commercially and critically successful as ever.

NetherRealms are not the only developer to have recognised the value of DC Comics’ IP; Man of Steel is part of Sun Bingo’s range of slot games and includes images from the DC universe such as Superman, Lois Lane and General Zod. The title is one of the first to come about from a recent strategic partnership between iGaming developer Playtech and Warner Bros.’s Consumer Products division.

While this general appetite for comic book superheroes – along with the fact that Injustice: Gods Among Us did see a slightly later release on Nintendo’s previous home console, the Wii U – would seemingly point to a port eventually becoming a reality, players shouldn’t get too carried away just yet.

Warner Bros. is believed to have had a bit of a rocky relationship with Nintendo since the publisher effectively abandoned the Wii U by cancelling Batman: Arkham Origins DLC mid-season and also electing not to release the Ultimate Edition of Injustice on the console. That being said, it did port Lego City Undercover to the Switch earlier this month – so perhaps Nintendo’s early success has restored some of WB’s faith in the manufacturer.

Given Boon’s propensity to have a little fun with his fans, Nintendo Switch owners should wait for an official announcement for Injustice 2 before getting their hopes up for it potentially releasing on the console. In the meantime, you’ll just have to make the most of Arms and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers.