The History of Nintendo

In case you haven’t already seen this oldie but goody, Gamespot has a nice little profile on Nintendo’s longstanding history in the entertainment business. From the article: “Nintendo has been in existence in one form or another since 1889, making it the oldest company to be involved in the manufacturing of video games. Started in Kyoto, Japan, by Fusajiro Uamauchi, the business made and sold Japanese-style Hanafuda playing cards… and into a business that would later become known as the video arcade.”

I can’t begin to tell you how cool this company is…


  1. The amazing thing about the Donkey Kong story is that it keeps getting repeated again and again with every new game that Miyamoto comes up with! From the article:

    At first, Donkey Kong was mocked by American arcade distributors who couldn’t understand what Nintendo was trying to sell. But demand for the machines soon reached incredible proportions, once people actually played the game.

    They might as well have been talking about Pikmin, Nintendogs, or any other one of Miyamoto’s inventions!

  2. Wow, that really is an “oldie”:

    “The Dolphin is set to use DVD technology and a 400MHz IBM CPU. Nintendo also announced a new portable system, called Game Boy Advance, which uses a 32-bit processor. Both systems are set for launch at the end of 2000.”

  3. This is another good source for Nintendo history;

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