The Big Announcement

The Big Announcement

Well guys! Tonight is a night that I have been working for more years than I would care to admit. We at Infendo Radio, are proud to announce that we have joined the Podbash Podcast Network! We are the 8th show on one of the most respected podcast networks on the internet.

What this means for our community, is that it has the potential to get a whole lot bigger, with like minded people. For those of you that are in our Discord, you will notice that, no matter where we hail from, we are a friendly, open minded, easy to get along with bunch. That is precisely the kind of community that Podbash is too. And now that we are all part of the same family, you may start to notice some new faces. How exciting!

What is Podbash?

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Podbash is a network of podcasts that was founded right here in Utah, where I live. It’s primary founders are DJ Jimmy Chunga, Kenny D, and Chandler. Together, they comprise the show Radio Ronin. Radio Ronin is, at it’s core, Chunga’s old radio show (formerly of 107.5 The End and 101.9 The End), but in a weekly podcast format rather than over the airwaves like it used to be. The primary difference, is unlike radio, they are not bound by contracts, and free to tell things as they are. I began listening to Chunga’s morning show back in 1998 when I was 14 years old (21 years ago), and have followed him ever since. 

When Radio Ronin launched their Patreon in October, I knew I needed to be a part of that. I became a member on day one, donating under the name Infendo Radio Steve Peacock. After their first week of being a patron, with blessing of Eugene, Lukas, and Justin, I reached out to Chunga, Kenny, and Chandler, and asked if they would be interested in having Infendo Radio join their network. They used to have a podcast called LVL22 Gaming, that went away, and I felt that Infendo Radio could fill a void that many of their listeners my want.

Chunga wrote me back very quickly, and said they were interested. They just needed to get a few things in order. I was so excited. Listening to Jimmy Chunga on the radio is one of the main reasons I am in podcasting. It was my dream to become a radio DJ when I was growing up, but when I got into college, and realized that radio was going nowhere, I decided to look elsewhere for something similar. It was at that time that I discovered the world of Podcasting.

There is much more to the story, including the shutting down of Chunga’s radio station and the founding of Podbash, but those stories are better told on Radio Ronin. I can’t begin to do the story justice. What I can say, is throughout my life, Chunga, and everybody surrounding (yes Kenny, you and Chandler too) have shaped the kind of personality I am today for our show.

For those of you that tried to listen to the announcement live tonight, I apologize that my internet cut out mid announcement. Please catch our Early Birdo Special over on our Patreon page in the next couple of days. Or, if you are not able to join there, catch us on Monday morning for our regular show on your favorite podcast service.

For all things Podbash, head over to While you’re there, be sure and check out their other 7 shows: Baconsale (Featuring Kenny D), Gregg’s Guide to New Music, Life on the Rocks, Please, The Other Side (New this year too), Park Hoppers, Radio Ronin (Featuring Chunga, Chandler, and Kenny D), and the Supernatural Hour.

To everyone at Podbash, congratulations on 5 amazing years, and thank you for letting us be a part of everything to come. We are truly honored.

June 20th, 2013, before 101.9 The End was shut down permanently


Steve Joined Infendo in March of 2017 on Episode 383 Hyrule Come Back. He is a lifelong gamer, with his earliest memories of games being from the NES. Such favorites of his are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Little Nemo Dream Master, Monster Party, and Duck Tales. He has grown up playing primarily on Nintendo Platforms, but occasionally getting Playstation Consoles late into their life cycles. His all time favorite games include Link's Awakening, the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Pokemon Mainline games, and Minecraft. If you would like to friend him on Switch, please go to his Twitter page, where he has a pinned Tweet with all his gaming information.