Colt’s Choice 3/22/20

Colt’s Choice 3/22/20

Hey there fam! It’s your boy colt and I’m here to give you another choice for the week! In this lull of no sports, I think this will give you something to enjoy as a hockey and even a retro game fan! So, without further ado, LET’S GO!!!

The game I’ve chosen for this week is Super Blood Hockey! This is a great little spinoff on the classic NES Hockey game where you can actually injure players to the point of death. On top of that, there is an in depth franchise mode where you only have enough money to recruit a whole team of convicts. you must train, teach, and use steroids to make your team successful and ride the path of glory!

As I said before, this game is styled in a retro 8 bit NES style with a mature, gory twist that I think you’re gonna really dig! The thing that this game does well is give you that classic sports game, yet on top of that give you some humor and parody to the violence and jokes you miss!

This game is normally $14.99 but is on sale for $4.49! Guys, I strongly suggest you go in and pick this up now if you love Hockey or cheap laughs on parody games! I have found great fun and have sunk many hours into it and I STRONGLY believe you will too!

So what do you think fam? Do you already enjoy this game? any good stories? Let me know in the comments section below and until next time…. GAME ON!!!!