The Age of Disruption; an overthrow of the Gods

I just discovered The Wiikly today, and I’m floored. So, I’m going to take the last few paragraphs of one of its articles, print it here, and encourage you to hit the SOURCE link at the bottom.

The name Nintendo means ”˜luck from Heaven’. The name Revolution means ”˜overthrow of a ruler’. People still ask, “Why didn’t they just keep ”˜Revolution’ as the name of the console?” Aside from the obvious reasons (already trademarked, internet searching for ”˜wii’ is much easier to find the console than ”˜revolution’, etc.), Nintendo did keep the ”˜Revolution’ name. They simply combined Nintendo and Revolution which comes out as ”˜Wii’. In Kanji of the old Japanese (19th century and earlier), the name ”˜wii’ can literally mean the ”˜overthrow of the gods’. Anyone well educated in 19th century Japanese literature or earlier will pick up on the word. With the focus of the Wii to be entirely on disruption and with the collected comments of Nintendo’s top executives listed in this article, it should be proof enough that Wii is a weapon to not only dethrone Sony as market leader. The Wii is to render Sony (and Microsoft) as completely irrelevant as the industry landscape remolds itself due to the disruption.

Wii will ”˜overthrow the gods’. Who is the origin of giving the console such a celestial name? I will give you one guess.

Yamauchi said in February 2004 that the DS (which Yamauchi thought up) was going to be Nintendo’s top concern. “If we are unsuccessful with the DS, we may not go bankrupt, but we will be crushed. The next two years will be a really crucial time for Nintendo.” His hope was that the DS would ring in a new era for the company. “If it succeeds, we rise to the heavens, if it fails, we sink into hell.”

The DS has rocketed Nintendo up to heaven. Will the Wii complete the revolution and, finally, overthrow the gods? Microsoft’s Xbox 360, after suffering an awful launch, is stuck with mediocre sales in America (and terrible sales in Japan and Europe). Sony’s Playstation 3 has just been delayed six months in Europe and given a token launch in Japan and America. Both consoles are tripping over their high prices and overshooting technology. It is as if the stars had aligned for a perfect opening for a market takeover.

As the giants stumble under the weight of their own armaments, Nintendo carefully aims the arrow of disruption”¦

Hear, hear. Now do you see why the whole graphics thing was a silly smokescreen put up by Sony and Microsoft?