Tetris DS announced

The classic puzzler will be released March 20 and will use the NWC for multiplayer battles. From the release: “Some modes give players special Tetris puzzles to solve. Others feature head-to-head action between two players, or massive wireless battles between 10 DS users, even if only one player has a game card. Players also can log onto Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to compete in two- or four-player battles. Tetris DS even includes a point-based rating system based on players’ battle results.”

Can’t wait.

[Source: Nintendo]


  1. That’s gonna be awesome! One of my favorite Xbox LIVE games was actually Tetris, because of its on-line gameplay. That gameplay can only be enhanced by having it both on-line AND portable in the DS!

  2. Hehe yay! 🙂

  3. best notice from DS, in 2006 so far.

    pd: if anyone want a nice challenge on mkds add me: 335070 – 347439

  4. nice!

    though personally i am hoping for a puzzle fighter DS (with WiFi, of course).

  5. Rye’s got the Rye-ght idea!

    (Puzzle Fighter rules!!)

  6. right on, now nobody will be able to cheat (powerslides anyone?)

  7. I don’t have a DS yet but this game could possibly mark the end of my college career.

    Procrastination. Brought to you by Nintendo.

  8. I’m not a huge tetris fan, I know I stink 🙁 , I just dont like it at all.

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