Tales of Tempest Confirmed

Tales of Symphonia was one of the best games, in any genre, to make it’s way to the GCN. It’s gripping story, amazing gameplay and graphics made for a great experience. So ToS fans rejoice! The folks at Namco have given us the first footage from Tales of Tempest, the new Tales title headed to the DS. Not a lot of information is known at this point, but from the looks of things, we could have a possible killer app on our hands!

Tales of Tempest Video

[Source: 4ColorRebellion]


  1. w00t! That sounds totally cool!

  2. Heed my words Namco, if you get pressured into porting this to PSP and end up doing it I will go Night Terror on all your asses!

  3. I clicked on the link to the video but it crashed my browser?! Ye be warned

  4. I just clicked the link to check myself and it worked fine for me.

  5. That game is verrry good looking. It’s Symphonia-esque. About time we see some DS games of this caliber.

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