Tales of Innocence getting a Fan Translation

It seems that there is another fan translation hitting the scene, although it will probably be a year or two before it comes to fruition. As with most fan translations it is really about respect for the developer of the game. As the fans just want to enjoy a game that probably will never come out in their area. Even if they get a C&D they will respect the developers wishes. However, as of late with the success of the Mother 3 Translation are developers really okay with fan translations? Or is it really just a case by case basis.

Tales fans have been patiently waiting and hoping for an official announcement for [Tales of Innocence], but sadly, it looks like that day may never come. We believe that Tales of Innocence had all the makings to be a big success outside of Japan. However, with the development of newer games (including the upcoming Tales of Hearts for the DS) and the localization staff already working on Tales of Symphonia’s spinoff sequel and Tales of Vesperia, we believe it is unlikely that Tales of Innocence will ever see the light of day.

[Via Zettaizero]

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