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First four months in console sales

Good job by Kotaku. Better job by Nintendo.

Did Nintendo make things weird?

“What a weird era of gaming we’ve entered.” So begins IGN’s Mark Ryan’s latest blog entry. The post itself looks at how things have changed in this current generation of video gaming, all thanks to Nintendo. The same Nintendo that was once huffing and puffing in third place to the well-oiled Sony PlayStation mega-machine brand and slick newcomer Xbox is now defining w...

Current gen resembles Atari vs. Betamax

Information Arbitrage: I was trolling around YouTube and came upon three gaming commercials – one vintage ad for the Atari VCS 2600 (circa 1977), one current ad for the Wii and one new-ish ad for the PS3. After viewing them it hit me like a brick, and in a more intuitive way then I’ve written about previously: Nintendo has captured the imagination of families and casual gamers in a way...

NPD sales numbers great for Wii, Xbox 360

Did the console sales numbers last night, so I might as well show you the NPD software numbers too, huh? Top 10 Games for February courtesy of The NPD Group:360 – Crackdown 427,000Wii – Wii Play w/ wiimote 371,000DS – Diddy Kong Racing 262,000Wii – LOZ: TP 130,000PS2 – Guitar Hero 2 130,000360 – Gears of War 119,000360 – MLB 2K7 113,000360 – Lost Pla...

Nintendo DS, Wii trounce EVERYTHING in February

Game|Life: PlayStation 3 was outsold by every other game console and portable system in February 2006, the NPD Group reported today. Nintendo DS 485,000Wii 335,000PlayStation 2 295,000Xbox 360 228,000PlayStation Portable 176,000Game Boy Advance 136,000PlayStation 3 127,000 It’s a thing a beauty, it is. Game Boy Advance beat you? Seriously? grows 91%, shrinks 8%

Today it looks like lambasting a console maker for not having the word “art” on their web site and then comparing it to those who do is as mind numbingly stupid as it sounds. is kicking butt and taking names, with Xbox 360’s home on the web taking second. saw 91% year over year growth, saw 47% growth, and lost 8% year over year. ...

Bloomberg: Wii wins January

This is news, because it is indicative of a trend: Nintendo Co.’s Wii outsold Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 during January as consumers bought 436,000 of the video-game consoles. Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 was the second-most purchased machine with sales of 294,000, followed by PlayStation 3 with 244,000, Credit Suisse analyst Heath Terry said to...

Reggie: Wii sales surpassing Xbox 360 matter of "when, not if"

I was wondering what happened to Reggie lately. He probably had to go on vacation in the heart of a volcano or something to recharge, but low and behold he was back at the DICE conference last week with a vengeance. He said he anticipates surpassing the installed base of the Xbox 360 with this sales rate. “The question is when,” he said. “That’s going to be drivenn (sic) by our own sales r...

Console sales to date

2007 is still very young and there are plenty of titles set to drop later in the year for all systems, I know, but already in three and a half months the Wii has sold more than half the Xbox 360 total to date, and continues to distance itself from the waffle iron. Impressive. Most impressive (and yes, I say that a lot). How VG Charts methodology works here.

The future of gaming is a Gears of War 8/10 rating

The collective piling on (one could use much more graphic, vulgar terminology) that the review community has done with Gears of War has gotten my cynical side thinking again, and by that I mean more than the usual 24 hours a day. But instead of attacking GoW, I am going to use its popularity to show how the Wii is arriving at precisely the right time. First off, GoW is a great game. It is an actio...

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