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Nintendo Of Korea Tweet Causes Controversy

  Twitter seems to be the source of many controversies lately, and Nintendo is not exempt.  Someone using Nintendo of Korea’s Twitter account (it is unknown if the account was hacked, or if it was internal) posted the following in

The Game Machine Joe

Hi Infendo readers! I’m Game Machine Joe one of the newest bloggers for Team Infendo. I’m a 26 year old video gamer from Wisconsin; who like you all love everything Nintendo. I currently spend my free time (out side of

Nintendo of Europe Confirms: Mii Verse Will Not Connect to Facebook or Twtter

It seems that Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are controlling the internet these days.  When I want to research a new company, product, or even a person, the first question I ask is, “Do they have a Facebook?”  This is

Report: New Wii U controllers will feature analog sticks

According to a tweet sent out by @MATTYB00SH (which has since been deleted), the Wii U tablet controller will be undergoing a much-requested re-haul in the inclusion of analog sticks as opposed to the 3DS-like circle pads. The tweeted photo also shows

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai paid a visit to Platinum Games

Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Smash Bros., Kirby, and Kid Icarus: Uprising, was caught sneaking into Platinum Games, developer of Bayonetta, MadWorld, and the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Although, “caught” might be the wrong word to use in this case, considering that

8 Bit Dreams Project

As children, adolescents, and adults, we have all wasted  time doodling our favorite video game characters.  I can remember customizing Samus with new weapons and new armors (until my mind was blown when I finished the game) and imagining different