Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Pre-Order Swag

Square Enix has announced that North American Pre-orders of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm will include a Grip Stylus that can be personalized with one of 17 included character stickers (while supplies last) . What I like about this offer is that it is not exclusive to a retail outlet.  I can pre-order at Gamestop, Walmart, or anywhere else that is convenient for me.  Not only that, but I can also rece...

Club Nintendo Japan…is Why We Should All Move to Japan

Club Nintendo’s been around for a while now. We’ve all (or at least I hope we all) have been punching those first-party game registration codes into the site for years in hopes that someday, some amazing reward will catch our eyes. Don’t get me wrong – there are some great rewards on the U.S. site, but a quick Google search yielding Japan’s Club Nintendo site demonstr...

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