Overheard on the rumor mill…

IGN has revealed what they believe to be the hardware specs for Project Cafe today, along with estimating that the console will retail for anywhere from $350 to $400. According to unnamed sources, Project Cafe will feature a “revamped version of AMD’s R700 GPU architecture”while the CPU will be a “custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset”….whatever that mea...

Unconfirmed: German paper touts November 11 3DS launch date

Is the Nintendo 3DS launching in Japan on November 11? Possibly yes, if a German tabloid with a track record for calling Nintendo rumors correctly is to be believed. Case in point, according to Bild, which cites no source but nevertheless definitively lists a Japanese launch date, the 3DS is arriving in Nippon on November 11. No word was given on a U.S. or European launch date, save for “spr...

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Box Art Leaked?

Is it possible that this beautiful piece of leaked art could be the box art for Super Mario Galaxy 2? [Source][

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